Putting Them Out There

February 14th, 2014

A good friend of mine has booked a stall today near Old Street and offered to help sell some of my stuff. As I haven’t had time to do much crocheting at the moment due to me being ill, Little Bee being ill and work and home demands, I gathered some of my previous projects and passed it over to him. Wish him luck with his and my sale!

out for sale

Two Bee Hats

October 27th, 2013

two bee hats

Mummy G ordered these for her two lovely girls. I finished them last weekend..

Unfortunately I haven’t been at work and it is still in my possession.

So, Mummy G, if you’re reading this and would like to have them before I go back to work, please let me know and I’ll post them to you ;) x

Bee Stripe Hat

September 26th, 2013

bee stripe hat

So I was crocheting another minion hat and used a pattern that should fit 6-12 month old babies. I was very happy with the neat stitches and the look and decided to try it on one of the babies in the baby room when I pick Little Bee up from nursery.

Lo and behold, when we tried it on a one year old, it did not fit him! On that day all the babies were around 12 months and there weren’t anyone younger. So, I’ve decided to ditch this one and just leave it as a bee hat and crochet a slightly bigger minion hat.

Once this is done, I can then start on the Minnie Mouse hat for the same client ;)

The fate of this hat?

Well, I was going to give it to a colleagues newborn niece but apparently it is too trendy for the parents who are into everything pink and fluffy! Oh dear! I guess when I manage to check which age baby this hat would fit, I will advertise it on our Folksy shop.

Mama Bee Little Bee Now on Folksy

September 11th, 2013

We are now in ‘business’ so we have to keep the publicity up ;)

Please visit out shop on Folksy everyone :)

mama bee little bee shop on Folksy

Baby Jumble Sale

September 8th, 2013

our little baby jumble shop

Yesterday, Little Bee and me did a bit of a table top sale of some of her baby things. Yes, I decided to be realistic and start selling off baby things as I don’t think that I will have another little one. Sad… always thought I’ld have a big family but I can’t afford it… not here. But that is another story.

It wasn’t a very good day yesterday, but it was a good first time experience for both of us.

Firstly, it didn’t help that the jumble sale venue was at the origin of the So Solid Crew estate… it’s not exactly Balham or where the yummy mummies (to be) would go to.

Secondly, even though the even was just for two hours, Little Bee did get a bit bored but she was still good at helping me around.

Thirdly, although I was familiar with my products, after four years, I didn’t know them well any more and I need to know my products inside out as mommies and daddies only wants the best for their baby dearest.

Fourthly, mommies and daddies tend to buy new when it comes to milk bottles and stuff but clothes seemed to be a hit. So, for the next even I will be going up the loft and bringing down Little Bee’s old clothes and arrange them by age. And toys. Toys seemed to be a hit!

So… even though we didn’t have a really good sale, we gained a lot of experience.

And Little Bee can see that I have to work hard to earn some money and that is also good for her.