Sunny Sunday Morning…

May 18th, 2014

Is for Mama Bee to clear the garden…

Little Bee to make some mud pie in the garden…

And the cat to just chill in the garden…

patches in the garden


Hopscotch Spring

March 8th, 2014

I couldn’t find the keys to the back garden so Little Bee and I spent the afternoon in the front garden repotting the lemon plant, planting some bulbs (which I can’t remember what they are) that I bought months ago and after a visit from the RSPCA lady, we played hopscotch.

blooming front garden

blooming front garden


main teng teng ;)


Yes, let’s take advantage of the weather as you never know what tomorrow will be.

Grassy Chicken Hair

March 6th, 2014

Little Bee did this all on her own and she’s very proud of it ;)

grass chicken

We Want Spring

February 24th, 2014

We had a wonderful day out with Mummy Liz and Little Bee’s current love Nate on Friday. We went to Southbank, build cardboard world, had sushi, run around the park, cross the bridge and had coffee and cake down a crypt.

Cardboard City at Southbank

Cardboard City

After all the rain, it was nice to have a lovely sunny day.

And on the way back, we stopped at Sainsbury’s and Little Bee insisted that stop at the flower corner and buy these.


Now… we’re desperately waiting for Spring to arrive.

Hyacinth and Amaryllis

January 23rd, 2014

I bought Little Bee some bulbs a month or so back so these are her flowers.

Last weekend, the hyacinths bloomed.


And yesterday it was the turn of her amaryllis.


Little Bee is a happy Bee indeed.


December 21st, 2013

I was standing at the kitchen door just watching the birds on the bird feeder on the window… and I thought about mom. Mom always leave food outside for the birds and buys corn for her chickens. Seeing the birds brings her joy. How funny that now I also find pleasure in little things, just like my mom… going out to find the bird seeds and the suet balls that the birds in my garden likes and smile when I see the birds on the bird feeder.

Window Feeding

November 23rd, 2013

Weeks and weeks ago we went to the pet shop nearby as Hubby needed to get some fish food. Little Bee and me love tagging along as we like to look at the rabbits, degu and hamsters.

I went to the bird feeding area and thought it’s coming to the cold season and the neighbour who diligently leaves food out for the birds have now moved and maybe I should start leaving some bird seeds out. The thing is, I did try but the squirrels keep stealing the seed or demolish the feeder that I leave out in the garden.

Then I saw a bird feeder that I can stick on a window. We live on the first floor and I don’t think the squirrels will dare to climb the house… but would the birds find the food. It wasn’t that cheap but I thought I’d give it a try.

bird feeder

Weeks went by and I gave up. Last week, I decided to change the suet balls as it has been weeks and probably fungus started growing on it. Even some of the seeds seem to have sprouted. But as I was clearing the food, I noticed that the pumpkin and sunflower seeds were missing. Maybe we do have birds visiting.

So I cleaned the feeder, changed the seeds and suet balls.

Today as I was just sitting on Little Bee’s stool early in the morning, sipping my coffee very slowly and thinking, I saw birds! At least three blue tits and a robin redbreast!

It made me happy.

Saved from the Storm

October 29th, 2013

So, it was a bit breezy yesterday and I took in my pot plants that was on the windowsill… just sitting there being neglected by me… and here is what I found.


One aubergine.

Awwwww… thank you aubergine plant.

Pink Flower Plant

September 16th, 2013

A colleague came in and asked me how I am and I grunted at him. Then I proceeded to say that I’m unwell and that in the Metro paper today there’s an article about work environment making people ill by not having opened window, natural light and plants… and all three affects me during my working hours.

When he came back from lunch, he put this on my desk

pink flowers at work

It matches with the fake potted plant Little Bee got for me. Having them on my desk makes work just a little bit better.

Paper Flower Coming Indoors

September 9th, 2013

Autumn is on its way. The spiders been weaving their webs for weeks now and it is September. Although there’s a forecast of warm temperature for mid-week, who are we kidding? The cold weather is just around the corner and will be staying for months.

So, this morning when I left for work, I decided to bring in my bunga kertas plant… loosely translate to paper flower plant or its proper scientific name bougainvillea spectabilis.


Oh yes… the picture is out of focus… with it focusing on next door front garden rather than my plant… but I was in a rush.

Hopefully my plant will survive the winter will be out again next summer.