We Need To Talk About Kevin

November 30th, 2008

I haven’t been reading much of late. I do carry a book in my bag and try to read when I commute home as I read te Metro on the way to work; but usually on the way home I’m tired and tend to fall asleep after reading a page or two.

Why do I bother to read a book if it will take me months and months to finish it? Because if the book catches my interest I will keep on reading it.

And this book caught my attention. There are times when I was reading it I had to stop and close it for a minute, take a breath and continue again. It is a very powerful book in its own right.

When I finished reading it, it posed more questions than answer but that’s what a good, thought provoking book will do to its reader.

I have to say it’s not a book that I have by the bedside during pregnancy. No, I’m not pregnant but, boy, did it make me think ‘could someone be born evil?’ and worry about the unborn child. I would check its head for horn or if there’s 666 tattooed on its head!

There has always been arguments on nurture v. nature. Some people say that if the a baby is influenced by its environment and not its genes. A baby can’t be born evil…

Kevin was born in a well to do family… but how did he ended up planning a well organised killing spree at his school? Why did he do it? Why couldn’t his dad see what he mom noticed in him? How much energy did he use up to keep the pretense of being daddy’s perfect boy and keeping mom on her toes without actually letting her see why she needed to be on her toes? How did he deliberately make people harm themselves without actually doing the deed (apart from the killing spree of course) so no one could actually point their finger at him? Was he really the bad person in the story or is the mom’s account of the story should be taken with a pinch (bucket) of salt?

What in the end drove the boy to kill?

If you are interested in having these questions play in your head, over and over again I urge you to read the book. If you’re the kind of person who likes the end of the book to be the end and not have any questions hanging in your head… then this book may not be for you.

I would like to say that I enjoyed reading this book but that would just be wrong. It’s not a book meant to entertain. It is a book that makes you… no, not think… it’s a book that will make you wonder.