Cod Baby Fingers

July 23rd, 2010

My bubba loves her food… but she can be very choosy, like no broccolli but she loves cauliflower; no carrots but she loves sweet potatoes…

She doesn’t particularly like haddock but she loves cod. How do I know this?

A couple of months ago I started to make fish fingers for her and have been using cod, but one day, there was no cod on the supermarket shelf so I opted for haddock… which is the favoured fish at fish and chip shops anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, she did eat a bit of it with lack of enthusiasm and most of the time pulling it apart and throwing bit by bit off her high chair so I wouldn’t notice… so it’s back to cod it is.

cod baby fingers



1 fillet of skinless, boneless cod
3 pieces of toasted wholemeal bread
1tbsp of chopped chive
2 eggs lightly beated
1 cup of flour
1tbsp corn oil

Cut the cod into finger sizes. Put the toast into a blender to make it into breadcrumbs… you can also add the chives if you’re lazy to chop them up separately like me :-)

Get three bowls ready. One for the flour, one for the eggs and one for the mixture of breadcrumbs and chive.

Dip the cod fingers one by one in the flour, then eggs and then cover each fingers with breadcrumbs.

Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry them til golden brown.

What I usually do is fry three or four fingers and freeze the rest for another time. Babies only have a small tummy and if they eat the cod fingers with mash potatoes and vegetables, they really don’t need that many. Saves a bit of time for another day ;-)

IF: Breakfast

July 18th, 2010

Eggs for breakfast

21 June 2009

I originally posted this up on 22 June 2009 under the title Eggs for Breakfast.

I haven’t done much painting since I gave birth to my wonderful, very active child almost 11 months ago… things have been a bit hectic but it’s all good. I still check up on IF and when I saw this week’s title, I just had to put this up. Maybe it will encourage me to find a bit of me time to start on painting again.