Repotting Alice and Adam Plant

January 30th, 2013

More than three years ago, Little Bee came to this world. More than three years ago, Alice and Adam came to visit and Adam gave Little Bee an orange flowered plant. I’m never good at plant names, so it is orange flowered plant.

It went through tough times, it went through loving times, it went through neglect… but it survived.

On the weekend, Little Bee and I cut up the tips of the plant that looked alive, and repotted them in egg shells. Hopefully the roots will grow and they will now thrive.

orange flowered plant

Colourful Scarf

January 26th, 2013

colourful scarf

I’ve never crochet in my life. I had this idea that it is terribly difficult as I keep picturing the intricate crocheting that my mom did when I was a child.

But then, I saw a picture of a scarf that my friend Jue made.

It made me feel that it’s about time that I give it a go. If I fail miserably, than at least I could have said, I gave it a try… plus, I was going to crochet a scarf, not the intricate doilies that my mom used to make.

I can do it.

Plus, it would be a good ‘I’m sorry’ present for Little Bee when I dragged her around town when she was ill… and thinking that she was being difficult.

And I did it, with the yarn that Little Bee chose… and a few hidden mistakes here and there… I think I did an OK job at making a waffle scarf that she could use come spring.

trying out her colourful scarf

Red Knitted Scarf

January 11th, 2013

Ball of wool

I’ve been promising Little Bee for weeks… OK… more than a month that I knit her a scarf to match her ballet uniform. I started it and it took me ages… of course I have lots of excuses.

Couldn’t find my knitting needles.

Too stressed out at work and tired out.

Too much chores to do at home.

We’re away at Christmas.

Thank goodness the weather has been mild… plus she still has her off white knitted scarf that I made for her last year to keep her warm.

But tomorrow will be the start of the new term for her ballet classes… so after I cleared up the kitchen I finished up what I started… plus, she has been so patient with me and my excuses.

knitted scarf

So tomorrow, she can wear it to her ballet class to keep her warm as the temperature has dropped to single figure now. Winter is finally here.

knitted scarf