Philips Airfryer

June 3rd, 2013

Bad news – I have a bad cold. It’s lovely and warm and sunny outside, and I’m indoors feeling sorry for myself.

Good news – I received a delivery of my Philips Airfryer! I am really excited about trying it out!!

philips airfryer

I’ve seen pictures of food that my friends concocted from this gadget and they look good. Jue even ‘fried’ ikan bilis (white bait) and they came out lovely… I know because she brought it to our picnic last week and I was thoroughly impressed.

Hmmmm… wonder if I could try out making meatballs…

Little Mouse

June 2nd, 2013

I bought Little Bee a Little Cat a couple of weeks ago and she said that the Little Cat needs a Little Mouse… so I made it a Little Mouse.

Little Cat and Little Mouse

Little Cat and Little Mouse

Little Mouse

Little Mouse

A very bright pink Little Mouse indeed.

I followed the pattern from here.