MAS Lamb Biryani

September 26th, 2013

Work is so hectic and yesterday I just had to take five minute to have a quick scroll on FB before I start pulling my hair out… and I came across this:

MAS Lamb Biryani


I can make this in 30 minutes?! That sounds easy enough.

So, I got some lamb from the butcher, rushed to pick up Little Bee from Nursery, got home and asked her to play in the front room while I got everything together, leave it simmering in the pot while I supervise her showering… viola! Dinner was ready by the time she was dressed and her hair combed.

Well done MAS! You saved me from having to think hard on what to cook last night. I would be ever so grateful if you put up another recipe today :)

Oh… the picture I quickly took last night didn’t look very appetising and would not do this recipe justice… maybe next time ;)

Photo from MAS FB page.

Bee Stripe Hat

September 26th, 2013

bee stripe hat

So I was crocheting another minion hat and used a pattern that should fit 6-12 month old babies. I was very happy with the neat stitches and the look and decided to try it on one of the babies in the baby room when I pick Little Bee up from nursery.

Lo and behold, when we tried it on a one year old, it did not fit him! On that day all the babies were around 12 months and there weren’t anyone younger. So, I’ve decided to ditch this one and just leave it as a bee hat and crochet a slightly bigger minion hat.

Once this is done, I can then start on the Minnie Mouse hat for the same client ;)

The fate of this hat?

Well, I was going to give it to a colleagues newborn niece but apparently it is too trendy for the parents who are into everything pink and fluffy! Oh dear! I guess when I manage to check which age baby this hat would fit, I will advertise it on our Folksy shop.

Basket for Her Moshlings

September 21st, 2013

As I waited for my yarn order to arrive so I could start on my hat orders, I crocheted a basket for Little Bee to put her Moshlings in.

lilac basket

I think I did a pretty good job as she put her Moshlings in it… apart from the fact that her collection is growing… so I should have made a bigger basket! Oh never mind. I’ll crochet her a pink basket, as she now requested a pin basket and use this one for my bits and pieces.

moshlings in her basket

But it will have to wait as my yarns have arrived and I have to start on the hats ;)

Happy Birthday Little Adam

September 18th, 2013

Little Adam gave Little Bee a Moshi Monster Luvli soft toy for her birthday. She drew a picture of Luvli for Adam but I keep forgetting to post it. Sorry Little Adam. I will remember to put it in the post on my way home from work.

Luvli for Adam


Oh… and the spelling of your name… sorry about it as she misheard me when I said ‘D’.

Flowery Gingerbread Man

September 18th, 2013

Auntie Amanda gave Little Bee a box of colour pencils for her birthday. She really loves them even though she has gazillion other colour pencils. As a thank you, she drew this for Auntie Amanda :)

Gingerbread Man

Pink Flower Plant

September 16th, 2013

A colleague came in and asked me how I am and I grunted at him. Then I proceeded to say that I’m unwell and that in the Metro paper today there’s an article about work environment making people ill by not having opened window, natural light and plants… and all three affects me during my working hours.

When he came back from lunch, he put this on my desk

pink flowers at work

It matches with the fake potted plant Little Bee got for me. Having them on my desk makes work just a little bit better.

Slouchy Hat

September 16th, 2013

Work has been getting in the way of my crochet fun! It has been busy, busy, busy and I have a couple of orders that I need to start on.

slouchy hat

But in the mean time, I’ve finished my slouchy hat. I’m quite proud of it but when Little Bee tried it on, she went to show hubby and said ‘Look! I’m wearing an old lady’s hat’.

Charming indeed.

slouchy hat edging detail

edging detail

It’s not for her anyway… it is for the young hearted ladies out there who are interested. I will put it up on our Folksy shop in due course.

slouchy hat

Mama Bee Little Bee Now on Folksy

September 11th, 2013

We are now in ‘business’ so we have to keep the publicity up ;)

Please visit out shop on Folksy everyone :)

mama bee little bee shop on Folksy

Sneak Peek: Slouch Hat

September 10th, 2013

slouch hat in the making

This will be my next hat. I don’t think Little Bee likes the coral colour so, I will again list it at our Folksy shop.

I first made it about a month ago just to learn the patterns but unravelled it as there were little mistakes, where I lost count, here and there.

If I’m not too tired and do not get too distracted, I should finish this hat in a couple of evenings… after work, cooking dinner, putting Little Bee to bed and other house chores… sigh… work just gets in the way of fun.

Paper Flower Coming Indoors

September 9th, 2013

Autumn is on its way. The spiders been weaving their webs for weeks now and it is September. Although there’s a forecast of warm temperature for mid-week, who are we kidding? The cold weather is just around the corner and will be staying for months.

So, this morning when I left for work, I decided to bring in my bunga kertas plant… loosely translate to paper flower plant or its proper scientific name bougainvillea spectabilis.


Oh yes… the picture is out of focus… with it focusing on next door front garden rather than my plant… but I was in a rush.

Hopefully my plant will survive the winter will be out again next summer.