Baby Pink Hat to Match

November 29th, 2013

Mummy Jue asked me to make a hat to match Baby K’s cardigan. Well, she mentioned it on one of our lunches at Uncle Lim’s and I thought she was just joking so I didn’t make a start at it until she nudged me about it.

So here it is Mummy Jue. Hope it fits!

pink baby hat


The problems is I never write my pattern down… so I really hope that this will match the cardigan ;)

So for this hat I used Yarn Fair Tootsy Baby Double Knitting yarn in baby pink and white and 5mm hook… and this is the pattern I used… hoping that it will fit 0-3 months old baby.

5 chain.
Slip stitch into a circle.
Round 1: 3 ch, 2 tr into the loop, 1 ch; *3 tr into the loop, 1 ch**; repeat * to ** 3x, slip stitches into the 3 ch and 2 tr.
Round 2: 3 ch, 2 tr, 1 ch, 3 tr into first chain, 1 ch ; *3 tr, 1 ch, 3 tr into next chain, 1 ch**; repeat * to ** 3x, slip stitches into the 3 ch and 2 tr.
Round 3: 3 ch, 2 tr, 1 ch,  3 tr into first chain, 1 ch ; 3 tr, 1 ch into next chain; *3 tr, 1 ch, 3 tr into next chain, 1 ch; 3 tr into next chain, 1 ch**; repeat * to ** 3x, slip stitches into the 3 ch and 2 tr.
Round 4-9: 3 ch, 2 tr into first chain, 1 ch; *3 tr into next chain, 1 chain**; repeat * to ** 13 x, slip stitches into the 3 ch and 2 tr.
Round 10: 3 ch, 2 tr into first chain, 1 ch; *3 tr into next chain, 1 chain**; repeat * to ** 13 x, fasten off.
Round 11-12: white yarn, 1 ch, 1 dc into each tr stitch, 2 dc into each chain stitch.
Round 13: 1 ch, *skip one stitch, 5 dc next stitch, skip one stitch, 1 dc next stitch**; repeat * to ** all around the brim for a little shell effect.

OK… this is the first time I’ve written up a pattern. It may not be professional like the ones in the books but it’s just to remind me the next time I have to make another of these hats. And I’m sure this pattern has been used before, it’s just that I didn’t really follow any pattern from books or on any website… it’s was trial and error and reaching to the pattern that I was happy with.

I’m happy with it… hope Mummy Jue and Baby K will too ;)

Green Baker Boy

November 26th, 2013

I promised Scott that I would teach him to crochet so he could make something for his mom. Unfortunately, things happened and we haven’t found the time to sit down for me to teach him… so, he asked me to make a hat for his mom… and here it is.

Sorry for the horrible photos. It was dark when I got home, and dark when I left home… so never enough light during this time of the year.

green baker boy


green baker boy


green baker boy

I used Stylecraft Swift Knit Super Chunky chameleon yarn and 10mm crochet needle. The pattern is adapted from Crocheted Beanies by Frauke Kiediasch.

Purple Shell Beanie

November 25th, 2013

It has been a while since I sat down to crochet due to health reasons. But hopefully I’m back and that Mummy G is happy with this to match with her shell wrist warmers.

purple shell beanie


purple shell beanie


purple shell beanie


purple shell beanie


I adapted a pattern from the book Crocheted Beanies by Frauke Kiediasch. I used with Robin FX Chunky yarn petunia purple fleck shade and 5mm and 4.5mm hooks.

Window Feeding

November 23rd, 2013

Weeks and weeks ago we went to the pet shop nearby as Hubby needed to get some fish food. Little Bee and me love tagging along as we like to look at the rabbits, degu and hamsters.

I went to the bird feeding area and thought it’s coming to the cold season and the neighbour who diligently leaves food out for the birds have now moved and maybe I should start leaving some bird seeds out. The thing is, I did try but the squirrels keep stealing the seed or demolish the feeder that I leave out in the garden.

Then I saw a bird feeder that I can stick on a window. We live on the first floor and I don’t think the squirrels will dare to climb the house… but would the birds find the food. It wasn’t that cheap but I thought I’d give it a try.

bird feeder

Weeks went by and I gave up. Last week, I decided to change the suet balls as it has been weeks and probably fungus started growing on it. Even some of the seeds seem to have sprouted. But as I was clearing the food, I noticed that the pumpkin and sunflower seeds were missing. Maybe we do have birds visiting.

So I cleaned the feeder, changed the seeds and suet balls.

Today as I was just sitting on Little Bee’s stool early in the morning, sipping my coffee very slowly and thinking, I saw birds! At least three blue tits and a robin redbreast!

It made me happy.

Gruyere and Caramelised Onions Pull Apart Bread

November 17th, 2013

Thank you Marina for putting up the link to this recipe. I can’t say that we followed the recipe to the-T but Little Bee had fun making it… with a little help from Mama Bee ;)

Little Bee hard at work


dough in loaf pan


gruyere and caramalised onion bread


We had the bread with homemade tomato soup :)

tomato soup and bread

Baby Pink Cardigan

November 5th, 2013

I posted this off yesterday to Baby K, whose mummy is very glamourous… so, I hope the pattern is not too old fashion ;)

baby pink cardigan

baby pink cardigan collar detail


baby pink cardigan detail

It’s my first baby cardigan. It’s not as difficult as I thought it would be! Well… apart from having one bit inside out so I had to unstitch the sewing! Felt a bit silly when I realised my mistake. But apart from that, it’s pretty easy :)

I used Yarn Fair Tootsy Baby Double Knitting yarn in baby pink and white and 5mm hook. The pattern is adapted from Knit Nottingham page here.

Shell Wrist Warmers

November 5th, 2013

Mummy G asked for purple fingerless gloves and hat. I’ve never made gloves… so a new challenge for me!

And I made these wrist warmers… hopefully Mummy G will like them.

pruple shell wrist warmer

If not… I like them and will use them ;)

purple shells

I used the pattern by Drop Design here, with Robin FX Chunky yarn petunia purple fleck shade and 4.5mm hook.

Hmmmmm… now for the hat.

Minion Hat… Third Time Lucky

November 2nd, 2013

minion hat

I finished this weeks ago… not sure why I didn’t put it up as Little Bee absolutely loves this hat… after so many tries that is. She wears it with pride to nursery and it puts a smile on people’s faces when they see the hat on her. A couple of kids did a double take. Minion hats just rocks!

minion hat

And yes, Amalina… I will order more yarn and get going on your minion hat order for your niece ;)

Pink Shark…

November 2nd, 2013

are less scary than the one I crochet before here! She loves this shark hat.

pink shark hat


pink shark hat


Again, I adapted the pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. I used Hayfield Bonus Chunky bubblegum yarn and 5mm hook.

Purple Baker Boy

November 1st, 2013

AT LAST!! A hat that Little Bee approved! Just in time for the cold weather too… so I can now keep my head nice and warm :)

I used Cygnet Seriously Chunky yarn in Magenta and 10mm hook.

Baker Boy hat


baker boy hat


baker boy hat