Mama Don’t Go

February 26th, 2014

little bee

It breaks my heart every time I leave her at home. It breaks my heart even more when I wake her up in the morning to get her ready for nursery before I myself rush off to work and to hear her say ‘Mama don’t go to work’.

I took the day off yesterday as Little Bee asked me to. We didn’t do much apart from playing board games and had a picnic in the front room… but it was worth taking the day off from work.

And today she wants me to stay again… even though she knows I can’t.

I’ve been leaving her to go to work since she was seven months. She’s four years old now and it’s not getting any easier.

We Want Spring

February 24th, 2014

We had a wonderful day out with Mummy Liz and Little Bee’s current love Nate on Friday. We went to Southbank, build cardboard world, had sushi, run around the park, cross the bridge and had coffee and cake down a crypt.

Cardboard City at Southbank

Cardboard City

After all the rain, it was nice to have a lovely sunny day.

And on the way back, we stopped at Sainsbury’s and Little Bee insisted that stop at the flower corner and buy these.


Now… we’re desperately waiting for Spring to arrive.

Sausages, Sausage Rolls, Gyoza

February 16th, 2014


I love the fact that I actually know what is in that mince… that bolognese sauce… that sausage casing… that sausage roll… gyoza pastry…

And today it was chicken thigh (found halal chicken thigh fillets in Sainsbury! Paid a bit more for my laziness… but sometimes… actually a lot of the time… I am very lazy), red Thai curry paste, coconut milk powder and breadcrumbs… goes into the casing and puff pastry :)

chicken red curry sausages

chicken red curry sausages

chicken red curry sausage rolls

chicken red curry sausage rolls

Oh… and the other day… I did gyoza the proper way… fried and then steamed :)


Putting Them Out There

February 14th, 2014

A good friend of mine has booked a stall today near Old Street and offered to help sell some of my stuff. As I haven’t had time to do much crocheting at the moment due to me being ill, Little Bee being ill and work and home demands, I gathered some of my previous projects and passed it over to him. Wish him luck with his and my sale!

out for sale

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2014

Biscuit pop from hubby :)

valentine's biscuit pop

I See Red

February 12th, 2014

Little Bee thinks she’s Rothko ;)


Poor little thing wasn’t well on Monday but she wanted to paint. The was a mess (as always) but she was happy.

Silly Sausage

February 12th, 2014

So… what do you do when you’re getting annoyed at work, things are just not going your way, you’re not feeling very well, you’re getting emails left, right and centre saying that everything is urgent?

You just stop… go on the internet and buy an attachment for your Kenwood Chef.

You don’t? It must just be me then.

Well… I went on the internet, got the AT950A mincer attachment with that also comes with the sausage making tube.

And then went back to facing all those things on the first paragraph.

On Friday I got some meat from the halal butcher, some casing and a couple of days later… viola!

home made beef sausages

It was sausage and mash on the menu last night :)

I didn’t really follow any recipe as I wasn’t in the right kind of mood and just threw some herbs and worcestershire sauce and can’t remember what else but it came out OK. Just don’t ask me to make the same tasting one again!

I think the next one I’ll be making will be chicken sausage with Thai red curry paste :)

Oh… actually, I also used the mincer to mince some mackerel fillets to make one of Malaysian’s favourite snack… well… mine at least… keropok lekor :)

keropok lekor

They in the freezer at the moment, waiting for the day when I will fry them… probably on Friday :)

Feeling a Bit Grey and Blue Wristwarmers

February 5th, 2014

I decided to make myself a pair :)

Blue and grey wristwarmers

I used Sirdar Montana shade 0209 and 4.25mm hook. Pattern adapted from Drop Design.

Prototype: C is for Cookie Monster!

February 2nd, 2014

I was looking for a pattern for a Cookie Monster hat and the ones that I found (free patterns of course as I am tight like that) I didn’t really like…

I did find one on Etsy and was ready to pay for it when I thought… hmmmmmm… why not try to make one myself first and if it’s a disaster, at least I know where I can find the pattern. And if I did manage to make one, then I can perfect the pattern and be a competition on Etsy ;)

So…. here it is!

Cookie Monster hat


Not bad for a first try… and if the yarn is not fuzzy… it must be one of the messiest hat I’ve crocheted… but the most important thing is that Little Bee thinks it’s wonderful!