May 20th, 2014

It was a hot day on Sunday… so Little Bee shared her water with the Cat.


Don’t worry. I gave her another cup once the Cat dunk her head into Little Bee’s cup.

Whose Net Bag is This?!

May 19th, 2014

One can never have enough bags especially when one goes grocery shopping. So, I decided to crochet a net bag for myself.

purple net shopping bag

The only problem is, Little Bee likes it and it is now hers as she said I must have crocheted it for her as it’s purple… one of her favourite colours.

purple net shopping bag

It is now filled with her moshling figures… which is good as I know now that tiny items won’t fall out from the netting!

When I waited for her to come out from ballet on Saturday, I decided to start on another one… using black yarn. Unless of course Little Bee then decided that she likes black too!

Sunny Sunday Morning…

May 18th, 2014

Is for Mama Bee to clear the garden…

Little Bee to make some mud pie in the garden…

And the cat to just chill in the garden…

patches in the garden


Green Spring Cardigan

May 18th, 2014

Yes, I’ve been away for more than a month.

Yes, it’s no longer spring but heading towards summer now.

But… it was still a bit chilly a couple of weeks ago so I crocheted Little Bee a cardigan for her to just throw on if she felt a bit chilly.

green cardigan

green cardigan

It’s a big too big for her so I tighten the stitch around the neck… in red… so when she get’s bigger, I just have to unstitch the red yarn. I know… I’m cunning like that ;)

green cardigan

I used the pattern by Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice here. Crochet hook 6.5mm. Yarn – Hayfield Bonus Chunky lime green (#785) and some chunky red yarn I have around the house that I’ve lost the label… sorry.