Pink Cowl Poncho

January 11th, 2015

So… I had the flu jab a few months ago… unfortunately, that flu jab has no effect on the strain of flu that is currently going around. Oh well… such is life.

While I was moping around waiting to get better, I saw a lovely picture of a poncho while I was surfing online… not on a wave somewhere. Anyway, found out that the pattern is from Simply Crochet! Of course it is the edition that I didn’t get. I tend to buy the Simply Crochet magazine when I see it about but I guess I didn’t see the November edition when it was out.

The online edition was 99p. I could afford 99p :)

The pattern is for an adult but I wanted to make one for Little Bee. So by altering the pattern and using Sidar Snuggly Snowdrops Chunky yarn and Jarol King Cotton yarn… I made this:

cowl poncho

Little Bee loves it. It keeps her neck warm and it doesn’t get in the way of her active movements! Yay!!

Maybe I will make one for myself now :)