I’ve alway dreamt about opening my own coffee shop surrounded by books and artworks in my hometown of Johor Bahru. It wouldn’t be one of the many cafes you find here in London; I want it to be more of a traditional Malaysian coffee shop, where people just come in for a chat or play checkers or chess or carrom.

Of course, there will be food. How can you have an establishment in Malaysia without food? We love food… passionately.

I do want somewhere where people come in and have a coffee and relax… with a book in one hand and a cookie in the other.

That is my dream…

So, in the meantime… before I can realize my dream… I have this blog… full of art and food! And when Little Bee has grown up a bit more and actually let me read grown up books again, I will let you know of the books that I’ve read.

Thanks for passing through… and see you in my real Busy Bee Cafe one day ;)

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