Pizza with Prawns and Corn

December 1st, 2013

Little Bee has been so unwell this week that I haven’t really had the chance to do grocery shopping. There’s not much in the fridge or cupboard at the moment… but Little Bee refused to leave the house today.

So… I had no choice but stay in and figure out what to make for dinner… when pizza springs to mind.

And here is Little Bee’s masterpiece ready for the oven :)

prawn and sweetcorn pizza


And here is her masterpiece out of the oven… oh… we added some turkey rashers too :)

prawn and sweetcorn pizza with turkey rashers

The Skeletons are Out

October 31st, 2013

ginger bread dough

The adults (as Little Bee calls the staff at her nursery) asked if I was coming to the pre-school Halloween party. Oh well… I can never say no to their parties as most of the kids are adorable!

So, on top of the pumpkin pie I took over this morning, I’ve also made some ginger dead men :)

ginger dead men


350g flour
1tsp bicarbonate soda
2tsp ginger powder
1tsp mixed spices
100g unsalted butter
175g soft brown sugar
3tbsp golden syrup
1 egg

  1. Sift the flour, bicarbonate soda, ginger powder and mixed spices into a bowl and mix. Add butter and mix it until it resembles crumbles. Add the sugar and mix further. Slightly beat the egg and golden syrup together and mix until it becomes a dough.
  2. Heat the oven at gas mark 4 (180C)
  3. Roll the dough out to your desired thickness and cut into your desired cookie shape. Place the shaped dough on to a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake for about 12 minutes.
  4. Cool them on a cooling rack.

ginger dead men

That’s it :)

Eid Might be Tomorrow – Sambal Goreng

August 7th, 2013

After being so confident that Eid will fall on Friday… I’m not so sure anymore! It’s Eid tomorrow in Japan and Singapore and Malaysia. I’m still waiting for the Central Mosque to announce Eid and it won’t be until tonight but even though some local mom’s are coming over on Friday regardless of when Eid is, I thought I’d better prepare for Eid just to have a little celebration tonight and tomorrow.

sambal goreng

So, this is the first dish I made. Sambal goreng. There’s lot’s of version… but this is the one that I remember from my arwah tok (late grandmother). I do miss her… and my arwah embah (late grandfather)… I miss my family a lot.

I just came back from the butchers… it’s time to make rendang ayam for tonight!

Busy… busy… busy…

Preparing for Eid – Almond London

August 3rd, 2013
Almond London

Almond London for Little Bee

After Little Bee’s persistent ‘is it ready yet?’ question… it is finally ready! Well… half of it as I realised that I didn’t have enough chocolate at home. I had a bar of dark chocolate and a bar of white chocolate. So, I experimented with white chocolate… It seems softer that the dark chocolate so I’ve put the ones covered in white chocolate in the fridge. As for the taste, I will find out if it is OK when I break my fast :) Little Bee seemed happy with them ;)

Almond London Dark Chocolate

Covered in Dark Chocolate

Almond London White Chocolate

Covered in White Chocolate


Iftar 22 Ramadan 1434 – Macaroni Cheese

August 1st, 2013

macaroni cheese

Back to easy stuff today and what could be easier than macaroni cheese… I guess cheese on toast or instant noodles or half boiled egg with soy sauce… OK the list is endless.

After melting the butter and stirring in the flour and milk, I added a lot of cheddar cheese and then a bit of mozzarella cheese in the sauce to give it an extra gooeyness… if there is such a word… and some turkey rashers as I need to use the last of the pack… half a tin of sweetcorn found in the fridge… and serve it with steamed broccoli as I need to get Little Bee used to having vegetable on the side even though she hates vegetable. What kid doesn’t? I remember I used to hate vegetable too when I was a child but that’s another story…

Iftar 21 Ramadan 1434 – Pizza

July 30th, 2013

homemade pizza

I’m being super organised with my cooking today as I decided to make pizza! Yes, homemade pizza.

Well, the dough was prepared yesterday and has been sitting in the fridge so when I got home, all I had to do was roll out a bit to make Little Bee’s pizza. Did a quick tomato base by blitzing some chopped tomatoes with a tablespoon of tomato puree.

Little Bee then put the tomato sauce on to the pizza base, sprinkle some grated mozzarella cheese, basil leaves, turkey rashers and left over roast chicken.

20 minutes in the oven and she was so proud of her creation.


Mine was more of a dump everything on rather than the graceful sprinkling of ingredients so not worthy of a photo ;)

Preparing for Eid – The Serunding Ayam Trial

July 26th, 2013

I saw a picture on FB of someone receiving a parcel from home which included serunding.

My mom posted me some serunding a few years back but I asked her not to do it anymore as the postage cost was so high. But now that I’ve seen the picture of a packet of serunding, well, I WANT SOME. So, what do I usually do when I want something that is not easily available? That’s right, I just have to make it myself.

serunding ayam

So this is my first ever serunding and I think next time, I will make it when I’m not fasting so I could do some taste tests as I don’t think I put enough of everything in it. Well, once I perfected the recipe, I guess I can make it again when I’m fasting as I will have the recipe in hand… but then I’m also Malaysian where most of the ingredient measurement is agak-agak (about right) or secukup rasa (to taste) rather than exact gram/tbsp etc.

Anyway, I’m still ‘drying’ it up. The dryer the serunding the longer I can keep it. So when I get up again later, I will be turning on the hob at the lowest setting and keep ‘drying’ and occasionally stirring it.

My serunding is OK but  I’m not sure of the taste as I usually have serunding daging (beef) rather than ayam (chicken).  It’s still nice having it with rice… and for Eid, it will be nice to have it with nasi himpit ;)

Iftar 15 Ramadan 1434 – Roti John

July 24th, 2013

roti john

I bought some mince beef a couple of days ago and thought I’d just make some bolognese sauce with it… but then someone I know put up a photo of her mince prepared for ‘roti john’. I was like ‘YES!’ I haven’t had roti john for ages.

What is roti john you ask? Well Wikipedia has an explanation here.

Such a simple food… such filling food!

I remember mom made them with baguettes… but I just got some finger buns for tonight and topped it with cucumber and mayonnaise.

roti john

Iftar 11 Ramadan 1434 – Karipap Pusing and Ayam Masak Merah

July 20th, 2013

The weather was so much cooler today. There were clouds in the sky and a breeze blowing. All we need now is a bit of rain. But we won’t get that and the temperature has been forecasted to rise again next week.

Although it is hard to fast for 18 hours in the heat, I have to say that after a few days, my body seemed to get used to it.

Anyway, yesterday a friend of mine shared some recipe on FB and I saw the picture of karipap (curry puff) pusing which I haven’t made for a long, long time. So I made some and airfried them. I have to say that obviously it’s not as tasty or crispy as deep frying but it is still nice and Little Bee enjoyed it.

karipap pusing

I made it a bit late in the day that Little Bee wasn’t really interested in eating her dinner, which was ayam masak merah (chicken in sweet spicy tomato sauce).

ayam masak merah

Iftar 10 Ramadan 1434 – Lamb Meatballs

July 19th, 2013

Lack of sleep finally caught up with me!

Little Bee and I were out early today as we were meeting her friend Batman and his mom and grandparents to go to the Lido. I think some school has started their summer break and the weather at the moment is hot, hot, hot… and the last and only time I went to the Lido, there was a long queue.

Anyway, Little Bee and her friend loved their time at the Lido… but it was hot… and walk back was hard… for both of us. We had a shower to cool down… and after that I could not keep my eyes open! Little Bee was good. She looked after me and about 3pm she woke me up… went to wash her hands so she could help me cook. How could I disappoint her?

So we made meatballs :) And come dinner time for Little Bee, and iftar for me later, we had it with cous cous and sprinkled some cheese on top.

lamb meatballs