Pink Cowl Poncho

January 11th, 2015

So… I had the flu jab a few months ago… unfortunately, that flu jab has no effect on the strain of flu that is currently going around. Oh well… such is life.

While I was moping around waiting to get better, I saw a lovely picture of a poncho while I was surfing online… not on a wave somewhere. Anyway, found out that the pattern is from Simply Crochet! Of course it is the edition that I didn’t get. I tend to buy the Simply Crochet magazine when I see it about but I guess I didn’t see the November edition when it was out.

The online edition was 99p. I could afford 99p :)

The pattern is for an adult but I wanted to make one for Little Bee. So by altering the pattern and using Sidar Snuggly Snowdrops Chunky yarn and Jarol King Cotton yarn… I made this:

cowl poncho

Little Bee loves it. It keeps her neck warm and it doesn’t get in the way of her active movements! Yay!!

Maybe I will make one for myself now :)

Crocodile Stitch Hood – Bonita Patterns

December 1st, 2014

It has been ages since I made anything.

It has a been a long year.

But then I noticed this pattern on Craftsy and it looked really cute, so I decided to purchase it and try it out.

I used different yarn so it came out a bit bigger… but I think it still looks cute on Little Bee :)

crocodile stitch hood

crocodile stitch hood

Pink Sun Hat

June 13th, 2014

So… I have no idea where her purple sun hat (and I just realised I didn’t put the purple sun hat up here!) is as the house is forever in a mess! I know I should clear the mess but I thought crocheting her another hat would be faster than tidying up.

pink sun hat


pink sun hat

It’s not actually finished as she wants me to crochet a cat applique for it…

Will add the yarn info later as I’m at work right now and supposed to be doing work!!

Whose Net Bag is This?!

May 19th, 2014

One can never have enough bags especially when one goes grocery shopping. So, I decided to crochet a net bag for myself.

purple net shopping bag

The only problem is, Little Bee likes it and it is now hers as she said I must have crocheted it for her as it’s purple… one of her favourite colours.

purple net shopping bag

It is now filled with her moshling figures… which is good as I know now that tiny items won’t fall out from the netting!

When I waited for her to come out from ballet on Saturday, I decided to start on another one… using black yarn. Unless of course Little Bee then decided that she likes black too!

Green Spring Cardigan

May 18th, 2014

Yes, I’ve been away for more than a month.

Yes, it’s no longer spring but heading towards summer now.

But… it was still a bit chilly a couple of weeks ago so I crocheted Little Bee a cardigan for her to just throw on if she felt a bit chilly.

green cardigan

green cardigan

It’s a big too big for her so I tighten the stitch around the neck… in red… so when she get’s bigger, I just have to unstitch the red yarn. I know… I’m cunning like that ;)

green cardigan

I used the pattern by Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice here. Crochet hook 6.5mm. Yarn – Hayfield Bonus Chunky lime green (#785) and some chunky red yarn I have around the house that I’ve lost the label… sorry.

Putting Them Out There

February 14th, 2014

A good friend of mine has booked a stall today near Old Street and offered to help sell some of my stuff. As I haven’t had time to do much crocheting at the moment due to me being ill, Little Bee being ill and work and home demands, I gathered some of my previous projects and passed it over to him. Wish him luck with his and my sale!

out for sale

Feeling a Bit Grey and Blue Wristwarmers

February 5th, 2014

I decided to make myself a pair :)

Blue and grey wristwarmers

I used Sirdar Montana shade 0209 and 4.25mm hook. Pattern adapted from Drop Design.

Prototype: C is for Cookie Monster!

February 2nd, 2014

I was looking for a pattern for a Cookie Monster hat and the ones that I found (free patterns of course as I am tight like that) I didn’t really like…

I did find one on Etsy and was ready to pay for it when I thought… hmmmmmm… why not try to make one myself first and if it’s a disaster, at least I know where I can find the pattern. And if I did manage to make one, then I can perfect the pattern and be a competition on Etsy ;)

So…. here it is!

Cookie Monster hat


Not bad for a first try… and if the yarn is not fuzzy… it must be one of the messiest hat I’ve crocheted… but the most important thing is that Little Bee thinks it’s wonderful!

Wrist Warmers to Choose From

January 22nd, 2014

Scott saw the wrist warmers I made for Mummy G on the kitchen windowsill at work. He really liked the pattern and asked if I could crochet a pair for his mom.

I crocheted his mom a baker boy hat for his Christmas present to her but I can’t use the same yarn as it is very chunky but I had a green yarn lying around somewhere and over the weekend… crocheted these:

green shell wrist warmers

Then I remembered I had a coral colour yarn from the same brand and crocheted these:

coral and green shell wrist warmers

Then I thought… hmmmmm… how does it look like if I mix the colour like these:

coral with green trim shells wrist warmers

So Scott now has three wrist warmers that he could choose for his mom. He might not like any of them and choose a different yarn for me to crochet for his mom but at least I’m building up stock for when I finally decide to sell my stuff at the craft market :)

I used Sirdar Supersoft Aran shades 0897 (coral) and 0899 (green), 4.5mm hook and the pattern is from Drop Design.

A Bit of Green, A Bit of Beige Baby Hat

January 21st, 2014

Mummy Jue saw the jumper that I crocheted for Nero and she likes the colours… and she asked me to crochet Baby K another hat :)

Here it is :)

baby hat

Should fit 4-6 months old baby :)

I used 4.5mm hook and Red Heart Niki yarn – beige and moss. Pattern… it was trial and error ;)