Patches of Cous Cous

March 22nd, 2014

We picked up an RSPCA cat, Patches, yesterday. And here she is saying hello to our hamster Cous-cous. Isn’t she friendly ;)

patches and cous-cous

A Cage Fit for a Hamster

September 9th, 2012

As I mentioned on a previous post that we decided to get a hamster for Little Bee and that I chose to get the Qute cage.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out as smoothly as I hoped.

First, we didn’t get the top cage part of the Qute. Well, to look on the bright side, we had the bedding bit and the hamsters at least has soft area for them to play around and sleep.

Then, the hamsters escaped. We found Coco but not Blanco.

I received email and FB message form Omlet stating that they will send the missing parts which will arrive on Thursday. The first delivery was the Friday before, so that was a week later.

Then before I went to work on Tuesday, I put Coco in the hamster ball and told Little Bee she need to look after him and not bounce the ball. So, what happened after I left? She bounced the ball and Coco escaped again. Luckily, hubby found him again.

Come Thursday, delivery came when hubby was out. Oh well… at least they left it at the post office rather than us having to go to the delivery depot.

Little Bee and I went to pick up the parcel on Friday, all excited as at last we will be having the full cage… only to find that the pivot bars that hold the cage were missing.

By then I was pretty annoyed and sent Omlet another email and even thinking of sending the Qute back as I don’t want to wait for another week for the bar and Coco without a comfort of a play area, but… I just don’t want to get any other cage! Omlet emailed back saying that they’ve sent the bars in the first class post.

Saturday, the bars arrived. Hooray! And here’s Coco in the cage enjoying a bit of spin :)

Coco in the Qute

Coco is settling in the Qute and rearranging things to his liking. Little Bee and I bought him some nibble toys and we put a couple in the bedding area and another two at the top. When I looked in the cage, Coco had moved the banana shaped toy down to the bedding bit. I moved it back… only to find that he moved it back down. Well… it’s his home, he can have it the way he likes.

The log in the picture, we had to remove it as this morning, I found Coco stuck in it and it took Little Bee and I to get him unstuck. I have no idea how long he has been stuck but I do think that he’s been a bit traumatised by it. :(

I really hope Coco will be happy… and I really, really hope that we will find Blanco soon.

Missing Coco and Blanco

September 4th, 2012

One of the reason I agreed to the hamsters is so that Little Bee will learn to be gentle and caring.

But unfortunately, they escaped. They are apparently very clever at this.

We managed to find Coco and I put him in the ball this morning so Little Bee could play with him.

But unfortunately, Little Bee didn’t listen and have not learnt to be gentle and caring. Apparently, after I left for work, she bounced the ball, the lid came off and Coco made a run for it.

Now we have two hamsters running lose in the house.

The problem is we have lots of places for the hamsters to hide… and hubby is really annoyed.


Cageless Qute Cage

September 1st, 2012

We have two additions to our household. Coco and Blanco. Little Bee’s birthday present… two little hamsters.

She really wanted a furry pet and as we have foxes in the garden and not able to keep rabbits, I agreed to hamsters… but I wasn’t keen on most hamster cages. Until I found the Qute hamster cage at Omlet.

Yes, it is expensive but if it makes cleaning easy I’m all for it. The biggest plus side, it is really stylish. Well… It’s a box rather than a fiddly cage.

Unfortunately, after we picked up the hamsters, while hubby was building the cage and Little Bee and I trying to stop the hamsters from escaping from the cardboard box… as they were chewing a hole through it… we discovered that the cage bit on the top was missing… and so is the water drip.

I am a bit disappointed as I paid a lot for this cage. I’ve sent Omlet a message to their customer services as I can’t call them since they are only open Mondays-Fridays; and I’ve also messaged them of FB. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.

In the meantime, Coco and Blanco are in the bedding area, tipping the bowl of water I’ve left in there.

Missing cage on Qute

Little Bee is happy though and that’s what matters.

Now, I also have to make sure that the hamsters will be happy too in their new home… once it’s complete.