IF: Teacher

August 17th, 2012

I never understood the significance of giving an apple to a teacher but after Googling about it these are some of the theories:

  • Apple is a symbol of knowledge, as in the fruit from the tree of knowledge in the Adam and Eve story.
  • Apple starts with A, which is the best grade one could get.
  • Teachers were poorly paid and fresh apples were expensive and was thought to be the best gift to give a teacher.
  • Parents of poor students who were farmers gave teachers apples as payments.

What ever the reason is, the apple was the first thought that came to my head when I saw the topic. OK. I lied. First I had a scramble of thoughts, from my mom (who was a teacher), teachers at school, a hen showing its chicks the ropes… then the apple.

Illustration Friday Teacher

IF: Freeze

August 14th, 2012

A late submission to Illustration Friday. When I received the topic on Friday, my brain just froze! I couldn’t think of anything. After a few days I decided to just forget about it. There will be a new topic next Friday.

However, today as I was sitting down and looking at other submission, my mind wandered to one of my favourite story when I was a child. I read it over and over again. A book by Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Match Girl. A sad story. Would I have wanted the ending to be different? No, as I always thought she was at a better place in the end.

Illustration Friday Freeze

IF: Bounce

August 3rd, 2012

When the sun is shining and flowers blooming, bees bounce from bloom to bloom… and that makes me happy :)

Illustration Friday Bounce

IF: Lonely

July 27th, 2012

Lonesome George used to cut a very lonely figure…. but heck some guy (Bob Marley if you must know) sang ‘no woman, no cry’ ;)

Illustration Friday Lonely

IF: Carry

July 20th, 2012

Seeing little ones being carried like this always amazes me. I used to carry Little Bee with a batik cloth on my front… never did try to carry her on my back. Wasn’t confident enough in my ability I guess.

Illustration Friday Carry

IF: Lost

July 14th, 2012

It’s another balloon this week.

Before I received the topic for this week, Little Bee and I went to her usual Friday playgroup. It was the last one before the summer break and at the end of it, they gave each child a balloon. Obviously Little Bee was ecstatic about it and would not let me tie it anywhere. I told her that she has to hold on tight because if she let go, that is it!

So… it’s another balloon this week.

Illustration Friday  Lost

IF: Suspend

July 12th, 2012

I’m trying to be active again with my doodling… when I saw the topic last Friday, I was thinking maybe I’ll start next week and decided to just leave it. But this image of a cow suspending over a field just would not leave my head!

So, as I was logging on to my work computer, I decided to have a quick doodle… and here it is in all it’s glory scanned using work scanner that is only programmed to scan documents.

Illustration Friday Suspend

IF: Sight (Little Bee’s)

May 23rd, 2012

This was what greeted me when I went to pick Little Bee from nursery on Monday. Proudly on the wall, a portrait of me.

mama screaming

Bulging eyes and screaming mouth. I guess that’s the sight that she sees everyday as she is currently in her terrible two stage heading towards impossible three!

Well done Little Bee. You really captured my essence!

IF: Hibernate

September 30th, 2011
Illustration Friday: Hibernate

30 September 2011

I love watching Little Bee sleep. She looks so peaceful… so unlike when she’s awake… and I join with her afternoon hibernation as I need to rejuvenate myself.

Thinking of adding colours to my drawing… we’ll see…

IF: Ferocious

September 24th, 2011
"Illustration Friday: Ferocious"

24 September 2011