Let’s Make Pasta

January 27th, 2014

I mentioned in a previous post that Little Bee chose a pasta maker for my Christmas present. I’ve always wanted one but was always worried about how difficult it is to make fresh pasta. I needn’t have worried. It’s not difficult at all.

OK… I have to admit that I have the help of my Kenwood Chef to do the kneading and if I had to do the kneading myself, I might be complaining ;)

All you need to make pasta (apart from the Kenwood Chef to help you knead and pasta machine) is 275g flour and 3 eggs. That is it… oh and clothes drying rack as I wasn’t prepared to buy a pasta drying rack. Just have to make sure that the clothes drying rack is cleaned before and after use ;)

Knead the dough for about 10 minutes. Wrap it in cling film and let it rest for 30 minutes… and it is ready to go through the pasta making machine.

pasta machine

I tend to sprinkle a tablespoon of flour on the kitchen table to make sure in case the dough is a bit soft for the machine… plus I find that the extra flour just helps to unstick any sticky situation.

Once the pasta is hung to dry for about an hour, it’s ready for cooking.

Or leave it over night and then just put the dried pasta in a bag or container for late use. That’s what I did yesterday and this morning I just put the pasta in a food bag. The only thing is, I made it really thin and it seemed to be very brittle that some of it broke and was all over the floor. Ahhh well… I still have enough to cook maybe tomorrow or the day after :)

End of 2013

January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year all!

We ended 2013 by trying out my Christmas present that Little Bee chose for me :)

hanging fresh pasta


Lovely fresh pasta to end the year…

Iftar 23 Ramadan 1434 – Chicken Pasta Soup

August 2nd, 2013

pasta chicken soup

Today has been the hardest. I think the lack of sleep finally, really, caught up and I didn’t get up for sahur (last meal before fasting). My alarm must have rang and I must have just switched it off and continued sleeping. I woke up just after 4am when usually I’d be up at 2am.

Today is also meant to be hot, hot, hot… and I didn’t drink enough last night after breaking my fast as I was just so tired and after solat (prayers) I just thought I’ll just drink gallons of water during sahur… which of course didn’t happen.

But I got up at 4am to put all the ingredients for tonight’s iftar in the slow cooker. It’s a hot day and I decided to make soup. No… my brain is not functioning properly at the moment.

Anyway, Little Bee has decided that she does not like macaroni and have asked me to get some twirly pasta instead. So even though the recipe that I found here listed out macaroni, this is actually my adapted version… so no macaroni, yes to ginger and baby corn and oyster mushroom :) Oh… there’s no oyster mushroom in this photo as it’s Little Bee’s bowl and she doesn’t like mushroom… YET!

Iftar 22 Ramadan 1434 – Macaroni Cheese

August 1st, 2013

macaroni cheese

Back to easy stuff today and what could be easier than macaroni cheese… I guess cheese on toast or instant noodles or half boiled egg with soy sauce… OK the list is endless.

After melting the butter and stirring in the flour and milk, I added a lot of cheddar cheese and then a bit of mozzarella cheese in the sauce to give it an extra gooeyness… if there is such a word… and some turkey rashers as I need to use the last of the pack… half a tin of sweetcorn found in the fridge… and serve it with steamed broccoli as I need to get Little Bee used to having vegetable on the side even though she hates vegetable. What kid doesn’t? I remember I used to hate vegetable too when I was a child but that’s another story…

Iftar 13 Ramadan 1434 – Creamy Pasta

July 22nd, 2013

creamy pasta

This is my lazy dish. The easiest thing to cook which will definitely fill up the tummy. All you need is pasta, chicken frankfurters, turkey rashers, cream, a cube of vegetable stock and sprigs of rosemary. In the pot… stir… ready.

I was too tired today. I was asleep from Moorgate almost all the way home. Had to force myself to stay awake just one stop away! It was hard.

It must be the heat! It was so hot today… 33.5C at Heathrow, so they say… and the thunderstorm that I hoped for did not emerge. Maybe it will make an appearance tomorrow.

The tiredness, the heat, the difficulty breathing (almost had to break my fast) made me cook my lazy dish. But it’s OK… it’s one of Little Bee’s favourite so no complaints :)

Creamy (leftover) Chicken Pasta

December 18th, 2012

Leftover creamy chicken pasta

I made Hainanese Chicken Rice (a recipe for another time) on Sunday. And we had leftover roast chicken.

Mondays is usually my lazy day. First day back at work and too tired by the time I get home that it’s usually just opening cans of soup and dunking bread into it.

Tuesdays it gets a bit better and I just boil pasta and add frankfurters and cream and vege.

But, yesterday, a Monday, as I had leftover chicken, why not combine it with my usual lazy Tuesday food! Plus, at least I won’t forget about it in the fridge and throwing it away in a weeks time!

Win for everyone.

1 tbsp olive oil
Leftover hainanese roast chicken shredded (this was marinated in soy sauce, ginger juice, honey and 5 spice; and it was one breast, one drumstick and two chicken wings leftover)
A bowl of cauliflower (Little Bee is in her cauliflower phase)
A handful of sugarsnap peas
300ml single cream
1 vegetable cube
2 spoonfuls of the stock from the roast
5 handfuls of penne pasta (boiled and set aside)

  1. Heat the olive oil over medium heat and add the shredded chicken, cauliflower and sugarsnap peas. Stir and cover the pot and let it steam for a minute or two. Do check and stir to make sure they don’t burn!
  2. Add the cream, stir and reduce the heat and let it bubble for 5 minutes. Again keep on checking that it’s not burning (a bit difficult when I was also giving Little Bee her bath).
  3. Crumble the vege stock and add the roast stock and stir in the pasta. It’s ready to serve when the cauliflower is nice and soft. I tend to break the cauliflower into little pieces for quicker cooking time ;)

Fun Linguine with Vege Frankfurters

January 20th, 2012

A few months ago, Hubby sent me a photo/link with pictures of  pieces of frankfurters pierced with spaghetti. I thought it did look interesting and as I was at that point searching for recipes for Little Bee, that went up my list, especially as Little Bee could help me and she does love doing it.

vegetarian frankfurters and linguine

There’s not really a recipe. I just used vegetarian frankfurters, cut each into 5 pieces, break a handful of linguine, break them in half and pierce about 10 sticks of linguine into a piece for frankfurter! Boil a pot of water and drop them in. Cook until the linguine is ala dante and drain and serve it with tomato sauce and cheese. Voila.

Little Bee loves this really, really simple dish!